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Embracing Opportunities: What's Ahead in 2024 for the Sarnia-Lambton Chamber of Commerce

Join us as we peer into the future with the Sarnia-Lambton Chamber of Commerce! In a message from our CEO, Carrie McEachran, discover the exciting plans and strategic insights guiding our journey through 2024 and beyond.
We enjoy hearing from you Carrie!

Embracing Opportunities: What's Ahead in 2024 for the Sarnia-Lambton Chamber of Commerce

While living through the month of January in real time feels like it will NEVER END, I can’t help but wonder where the heck it went!  I don’t know about you, but I’m ready for some sunshine and to pack my winter boots away! 
Now that the longest month of the year is over and it’s only smooth sailing from here, it’s time to embrace the opportunities and challenges that the new year brings.  As we look ahead to the next eleven months of 2024, the Sarnia Lambton Chamber of Commerce remains committed to providing unwavering support, advocacy, and resources to our members.   A significant part of this commitment is our new 2024-2027 strategic plan, set to be launched at our AGM at the end of February.  We are so excited to unveil our new vision, mission, and values!  
With a focus on advocacy, collaboration, inclusivity, and enhancing membership value, I am happy to provide a strategic plan teaser of what our members and the community can expect from the Sarnia Lambton Chamber of Commerce over the next three years:
1.     Advocacy:  Advocacy lies at the core of the Sarnia Lambton Chamber of Commerce's mission. We will intensify our efforts to advocate for the interests of our members at all levels of government. We will work closely with local, provincial, and federal officials to address key policy issues, promote a favorable business environment, and ensure that the voice of our business community is heard. By amplifying our collective voice, we can influence policies that support economic growth, job creation, and a thriving business ecosystem.
2.     Collaboration:  The Sarnia Lambton Chamber of Commerce recognizes the power of collaboration and partnerships. We will forge new strategic alliances with community partners, including educational institutions, economic development agencies, and other business organizations. These collaborations will enable us to pool resources, share expertise, and collectively address challenges and opportunities that impact our business community.
3.     Community leadership:  The Sarnia Lambton Chamber of Commerce understands the crucial leadership role that we have in serving and advancing the Sarnia Lambton business community.  We will strengthen our business and community leadership through transparency, accountability, and trust. 
(That’s all I can give you…it wouldn’t be a “teaser” if I provide more information.  You’ll just need to wait until February 28th to learn more😊).  
The Sarnia Lambton Chamber of Commerce is optimistic about the future of our local businesses. The opportunities that lie ahead are abundant, and by embracing economic growth, innovation, sustainability, a skilled workforce, enhanced infrastructure, and a supportive business environment, Sarnia-Lambton businesses can position themselves for success. Together, let us seize these opportunities, overcome challenges, and build a prosperous future for our community. The Sarnia Lambton Chamber of Commerce stands ready to support and advocate for our members as we embark on this exciting journey of growth and prosperity in 2024 and beyond.
Carrie McEachran, CEO, Sarnia Lambton Chamber of Commerce 


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