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Anita Coffee Cart at Lamrecton Park Drop anchor or pop by for your favourite beverage!

If you haven't heard already about Anita Coffee Cart at Lamrecton Park on our beautiful Lake Huron, you'll have to take the short drive just 1 km east of Mandaumin on Egremont Rd. Camlachie. It's open from 8 - 12 and 2 - 6 Monday to Friday, and Sunday from 8-6. I had the opportunity to visit the mother and daughter team, Anita and Aliza, and what struck me first was the fabulous location. I had no idea this public municipal park even existed. There's a pavilion and large shady trees for picnics, and a lovely stretch of sandy beach that inspired this exciting new venture. They serve up coffee, tea, and kombucha to boaters, kayakers, walkers, bikers, community members, and friends alike!

Anita explained to me that she grew up with dinners right out of a box. It wasn't until she watched her friend baking one day that something ignited within her, and she realized her inner calling was one of serving up delicious and delectable treats, just like her friend! Anita Coffee is a dream come true for Anita, a passionate baker and coffee lover. She has always been a creative cook, but owning her own coffee shop has been a lifelong dream. Her daughter and friends have always known this about her, as they have helped her run coffee shops in the past and have seen her thrive in this type of environment.

While water skiing on the lake during a chilly August morning, Aliza and her friends huddled together for warmth. It was then that her one friend said, "Imagine if we could anchor our boat and enjoy a latte on the shore!" The idea sparked excitement in their hearts, and they all looked at each other, knowing they had found the perfect

concept for Anita's coffee business,

a coffee cart on the lake called "Anita Coffee"!

At first, Anita hesitated to name a coffee shop after herself, but two years later, with the support and encouragement of her loved ones, Anita Coffee has become a reality. The prime location for the coffee cart is a lovely municipal park and beach east of Bright’s Grove in Camlachie. The community has warmly welcomed the idea and has become their biggest supporters.

To ensure they serve the finest coffee, Anita and Aliza have partnered with Rosso Coffee Roasters from Calgary, Alberta, an award-winning coffee roaster known for their sustainable and ethical practices. Rosso sources their beans directly from farmers, ensuring fair pay and promoting sustainable business. All the coffee cups, lids, tea bags, and pods used at Anita Coffee are

100% compostable. In an effort to reduce waste, they encourage customers to bring their own cups and offer discounts as an incentive.

Anita and Aliza take pride in being part of something that supports women in business. They collaborate with various local female creators, such as a talented artist FROND, who painted a wonderful portrait of Anita Coffee Cart at it's current location. This painting will be used for future merch. They also work with Culture Shock Kombucha in Grand Bend and BAE SALAMATI who created two vegan treats now offered at the cart.

Artwork by FROND - Culture Shock Kombucha - BAE SALAMATI Meal Prep and Personal Chef Service

Anita Coffee has a signature house roast called Turning Point, a medium roast espresso with a balanced flavour and acidity. They also offer other popular blends for customers to take home and enjoy. The iced coffee with sweet cream has become a customer favourite, and they take pride in the sheer volume they make each day. This month's featured coffee is the iced cafe mocha with chocolate sweet cream; a double shot of espresso with cold foam chocolate milk.

Anita and Aliza constantly strive for excellence in their craft. They are certified barista’s which means they understand the importance of dialing in the espresso machine to achieve the perfect cup of coffee. They meticulously calibrate the machine's temperature and evaluate the espresso throughout the day to maintain consistency. That’s how they ensure that every cup served is of the highest quality. The business has quickly gained popularity, with boaters and kayakers frequently dropping anchor near the coffee cart. Visitors to the beach and park also flock to Anita Coffee, enticed by the aromatic brews, the welcoming park, sandy beaches, and world-class sunsets!

The support from the community has been overwhelming to Anita and Aliza. They were not expecting this kind of reception. "Knowing the community loves what we do as much as we do is just the cherry on top," says Aliza. "It was almost like a little party on opening day! And we have been told that the coffee, the atmosphere, and service are so great that is why people just keep coming back for more." Anita Coffee doesn't stop at just coffee; they have expanded their offerings to include cold-brewed teas and kombucha. They carefully select teas from Metropolitan Tea Co., a company that shares their values of sustainability and ethical sourcing. This month's tea special is the Huron Sunset made with Bella Coola fruit tea. Combined with Lemonade Syrup, Orange Juice and Bella Coola tea this drink looks like a sunrise in a cup and is so refreshing.

With berry season arriving, Anita has created delicious strawberry, blueberry, and peach syrups that elevate their teas and lattes. Children adore the fruit lattes, and Anita and Aliza even serve them in coffee cups, much to their delight. The coffee cart becomes a gathering place for families. Anita and Aliza reminisce, "The school bus stopped, and a man and his grandson came over from the bus asking to get something called the 'kid coffee' - it was so cute. The little boy was so excited to get his kid coffee, and grandpa got his coffee, and they sat on the chairs and had a little coffee date. A lot of the kids come now and want to go on a coffee date with their parents or grandparents. One little guy even started playing barista, asking approaching customers what they would like. It's just been a joy."

Although the thoughts of autumn seem so far away, Anita and Aliza have begun contemplating ideas for the off-season. They want to continue serving their beloved community year-round. Although their plans remain a secret for now, they are filled with dreams and aspirations. Anita Coffee continues to thrive, serving the community with passion and dedication. The business has become a beloved part of a lakeside community, where people find solace, friendship, and, of course, exceptional coffee and tea. Aliza recalls, "It's been a lot of fun because we've had Spring boaters come up off the shore and kayakers. I even kayaked to work last week! We are loving it. People have learned quickly, right where to find us. Anita and Aliza are grateful for the overwhelming support and look forward to what the future holds for their coffee cart by the lake. Drop anchor or pop by for your favourite beverage!

See the map to their location on their Website

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