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Unlocking the Full Potential of Your Mortgage: Great Information From A Trusted Local Mortgage Broker, Leigh Cho-Young

We’re Carla MacGregor and Brad Drury, your local real estate experts at Living In Lambton Realty Group. As dedicated REALTORS®, we’re constantly learning everything we can about the local market to better serve our clients. Today, we want to share some valuable insights on how your mortgage can be a versatile tool for addressing everyday financial challenges, far beyond just buying a home.
Did you know that your mortgage is a versatile tool for addressing everyday financial challenges?

This is information is courtesy of local Mortgage Broker,

Leigh Cho-Young, CPA, CA of The Mindful Mortgage

While often considered primarily for home purchases, mortgages can provide ongoing financial benefits long after your initial purchase. 

Here are some strategic ways I use mortgages to support my clients:

Debt Consolidation: If you're paying high-interest rates on multiple debts, consolidating them into your mortgage can drastically reduce your interest costs, simplify debt repayment to one monthly installment, and improve your monthly cash flow.

Home Improvements: Use your home equity to fund improvements, whether adding an income-generating suite to help pay your mortgage off faster or making essential repairs. You can access your equity to make those costly improvements.

Post-Secondary Education Costs: The yearly average cost of attending university is around $30,000, making it a stretch for many. However, you can build education costs into your mortgage, which is especially beneficial if done at renewal time, and then invest the money until ready to use.

Aging-in-Place: This is a trend where seniors choose to stay in their homes instead of moving to costly retirement or nursing homes. A reverse mortgage can help by providing funds for home modifications, nursing care, debt repayment, and daily expenses. Seniors can access these funds without the burden of monthly mortgage payments.

CRA Payoffs: During tax season, if you receive a large tax bill from Revenue Canada, we can help you pay it off and save you money in penalties and interest with strategies unavailable through the branch. If you have tax arrears and a renewal coming up, I can provide you with more options by allowing you access to lenders suitable for this situation.

Investment Properties: Enhance your wealth by leveraging the equity in your current property to invest in additional real estate. While becoming a landlord isn't suitable for everyone, it may be for you.  If you're ready to make the leap, you don’t need large savings; instead, you can utilize your existing equity as a down payment for a new property. With access to various lenders, I offer several approaches to qualify you for purchasing rental properties, making them more accessible than you think.

There are numerous ways in which a mortgage can be utilized to improve your financial position. If you’re considering how a mortgage could help address your financial challenges, let’s connect. Together, we can look at how the right mortgage solution can be tailored to meet your unique needs.

The Mindful Mortgage

Leigh Cho-Young, CPA, CA, Mortgage Broker,

Licensed with BRX Mortgage, FSRAO #13463


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