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Tourism Sarnia-Lambton Gift Certificates Support Our Local Businesses & Make The Perfect Gift

Updated: May 21

My very first Tourism Sarnia-Lambton gift card was a gift! I've been working with Mark Moran on the fabulous local magazine 'Welcome To The Club' since its inception in 2020. Mark also has the Daytripping magazine and every year he gives his staff these wonderful gift cards for Christmas!!

I think they are just the greatest thing! I give them as gifts all the time now, especially to my real estate clients who are new to the area. I like them because the recipient can choose where they would like to use them whether it's restaurants, retail establishments, for accommodations or community attractions! You can use them at one of your favourite spots or you can take the opportunity to try something new and walk through the door of a local business that you didn't even know was there or was thinking of trying out!

There is a very long list of participating businesses from all across the county - amazing really!! And I'm hoping you'll start giving out these as gifts yourself!

Learn A Little More

These certificates provide exclusive access to our region's finest establishments, offering a multitude of benefits for both residents and visitors alike.

What exactly do these gift certificates entail? They serve as a versatile currency accepted at numerous local businesses featured on the Tourism Sarnia-Lambton website (accessible at From boutique shops to renowned eateries, these certificates open doors to diverse experiences throughout our community.

Why should you consider acquiring these gift certificates? Allow us to elaborate:

  1. Supporting Local Economy: By utilizing these certificates, you directly contribute to the prosperity of our local economy. Investing in our community's businesses fosters growth, job creation, and sustainability, enhancing the overall economic landscape of Sarnia-Lambton.

  2. Exploring New Ventures: Embrace the opportunity to discover new establishments and experiences within our region. These gift certificates encourage exploration, allowing us all to broaden our horizons and patronize businesses we may not have previously considered.

  3. Fostering Community Engagement: Shopping locally fosters a sense of community and connectivity among us. Interacting with business owners and fellow patrons cultivates meaningful relationships, enriching the fabric of our community and promoting a sense of belonging.

  4. Promoting Economic Resilience: The collective support of local businesses through the use of gift certificates strengthens the resilience of our economy. By keeping spending within our community, we fortify our capacity to weather economic challenges and thrive in the long term. Tourism Sarnia-Lambton gift certificates serve as a valuable tool for enhancing our community's economic vitality and fostering a vibrant local culture. Brad and I encourage everyone in the community to consider utilizing these certificates to support our local businesses and unlock the full potential of our region. Thank you for your attention, and we look forward to seeing our community flourish together and thank you to the staff at Tourism Sarnia-Lambton for offering this great program to all of us!

Where You Buy These Gift Certificates

Tourism Sarnia-Lambton

1455 Venetian Blvd.

Open Monday to Thursday 8:30-4:30 & Friday 8:00-4:00

Or buy them online

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