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The Summer Issue Hit The Streets This Past Week!

Updated: Jun 21, 2023

“It’s been quite a seed we planted that bloomed into something we never could have imagined.” That’s how Brian Schoonjans summed up he and Shannon Armstrong’s role in Miracle Max’s Minions.

You’ve probably seen the fields of sunflowers that have been grown in memory of Max Rombouts who passed at the age of two after a battle with leukemia. Since this tribute began in 2019 countless people have stopped to take photos and selfies, and donation boxes were set up with proceeds going to the families of children fighting childhood cancers. Almost $400,000 has been raised so far!

The Schoonjans’ farm is at 5023 Douglas Line near Aberarder and the six acres here will bloom for about two weeks around the end of July. The sunflowers bloom roughly 60 days after planting, But that’s not the only location. Sipkens Garden Centre added a smaller field last year and will be doing it again but, because they're-planted throughout the summer, the field will bloom continuously.

Doug & Tracy Rogers have a farm on Hwy. #21, just south of Kettle Point. They actually farm sunflowers as a crop and were surprised a few years ago when hundreds of people started stopping by to take selfies every day, but they were on board once they learned about Miracle Max. Their fields will probably bloom early to mid-July.

There have been other fields as well but Brian explained how the field crops need to be rotated on occasion. There’s also a canola field at the VanLoon family farm at 8727 Confederation Line near Watford this year but it may be finished blooming by the time you read this.

We love it when these beautiful people do beautiful things just because they can. We also love the cover photo by Jayne Primeau that was taken at one of Miracle Max’s fields.

There’s also an article on page 14 about the Seniors Cruise on the Duc D’Orleans II. This long running tradition was forced to take a break during the pandemic but it’s back, thanks to a number of volunteers and the generosity of the ship’s new owners who are following in the footsteps of previous owners Ken & Sherry Bracewell.

There are countless other examples of citizens volunteering throughout our community and I don’t need to remind any of our readers that it’s often folks with gray hair (or no hair at all) doing much of the heavy lifting in our communities.

We hope you’ll enjoy and hang on to this issue of Welcome to The Club, and please let our advertisers know that you’ve seen their ads. This free magazine wouldn’t be possible without them.

The latest issue of Welcome To The Club hit the streets this past week!

If you can't find a copy please enjoy reading the summer issue online -

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