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The Show With David Burrows - Not Your Typical Retiree, Mat Berube

The Show with David Burrows Ep. 619 Meet Mat Berube

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David Burrows post about the interview on Facebook:

Introducing Mat Berube: The Man Who's Just Getting Started at 45!

Mat Berube isn't your typical retiree - he's just warming up for life's next adventure!

While Mat's racked up an impressive list of achievements, he's here to spill the beans on his secret to success. From soaring through the skies, Mat's journey from private pilot to commercial pilot is nothing short of exhilarating .

Now, with an instructor's license in hand, Mat's gearing up for a brand-new career that's sure to take flight!

But it's not just about the hustle – Mat's got a treasure trove of life lessons and philosophies on happiness to share. And he's not doing it alone! Mat and his wife Jackie, have embarked on a wild farming adventure, learning the ropes and making memories with horses and more!

Mat dives into hot topics like politics, handling negativity, and, of course, a generous sprinkle of laughter and sarcastic fun!

Don't miss this inspiring and impactful chat with a man who knows how to live life to the fullest.

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