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The Show With David Burrows - Meet Bryan Baker: Sarnia's Newest Ink Wizard!

Updated: Jan 19

The Show with David Burrows Ep. 637 Bryan Baker

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David Burrows post about the interview on Facebook:

🎨 Meet Bryan Baker: Sarnia's Newest Ink Wizard! 🖋️

Escaping the hustle and bustle of big city chaos, tattoo maestro Bryan Baker swapped the Oshawa scene for the tranquility of Sarnia. 🏞️ Little did he know, this move would ink his destiny in the vibrant canvas of this close-knit community. 🎨

From a young age, Bryan had his eyes set on art. Not your average sketcher, he had grand plans of becoming a tattoo artist, turning blank canvases into living masterpieces. Fast forward, and he's now the Picasso of ink, at his tattoo sanctuary, HoJu Tattoo. 🌟

Bryan didn't stop at just tattooing; he's also the Michelangelo of framing, turning every art style into a frame-worthy spectacle. His creative journey takes us from the sketchy beginnings to the finely outlined success he boasts today. 🤣

Amid ink and needles, His business philosophy is as sharp as his needle, and his life principles are etched with ink-stained integrity. A conversation with him is like a rollercoaster of laughter, with a splash of profound insights. 💪

A pro at his craft, Bryan is more than just a tattoo artist; he's a welcome soul in Sarnia, always eager to learn and share a laugh. With a talent level that's through the roof, he's not just a high-level human; he's a super-talented ink sorcerer. 🏠

Sarnia, get ready to keep Bryan Baker in the inked fold for years to come! 🎉

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