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The Show With David Burrows - Renato Laureano - Real Estate Agent

Updated: Nov 29, 2023

The Show with David Burrows Ep. 630 Renato Laureano

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David Burrows post about the interview on Facebook:

Meet Renato Laureano

Step into the vibrant world of Renato Laureano, a delightful blend of kindness, hard work and charm! 🍁

Renato's journey in began many moons ago when he, alongside his parents, touched down on Canadian soil. 🛬 Since then, he's carved out an adventurous path, navigating the twists and turns that life threw his way.

Back in his school days, Renato wasn't just hitting the books; 🏅 Sports became his playground, and success was his favorite game.

As the years rolled by, Renato started his career at a tender age, he swiftly climbed the ladder in the realms of sales and management in the retail universe. 🛍️💼

Meeting his wife at a young age, the duo, at one point, decided to take life by the reins and ventured out west for a glorious four-year escapade. 🌄✨

Eventually making their way back to the charming town of Sarnia, where Renato, ever the master of reinvention, dove headfirst into the world of Real Estate. 🏡💰

In the lively conversations that follow, Renato effortlessly juggles topics ranging from business to family dynamics, with a sprinkle of political banter and, of course, a symphony of laughter. 😄

In every word and every hearty laugh, Renato paints a canvas of a life rich in passion for adventure, a love for family, and an unwavering zest for all things fun. 🌍🎉 Whether it's discussing the latest in real estate trends or sharing tales of his globetrotting escapades, Renato Laureano embodies the spirit of a life well-lived. Cheers to the man who turns every moment into a story worth telling! 🥂

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