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Super Sting Fan Jay Peckham on His Liver Transplant & New Outlook On Life

The Show with David Burrows Ep. 612

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Meet Jay Peckham

Originally born in Niagara Falls, Peckham talks about how his parents divorced at 7 and then how he came to Sarnia. Jay also shares his long distance relationship with his Father while growing up. Most recently, Jay had a liver transplant and has a new outlook on life. Married now for 29 years, Jay and his wife Catherine have raised a happy and close family. Jay also is one of the biggest Sarnia Sting fans and has travelled to every OHL arena. A passion for theatre and community Jay Peckham was also recently featured in The Sarnia Journal. Many laughs and endearing moments in this 1-1 interview, Jay Peckham will leave you wanting more.

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