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Primerica: Putting Clients First and Changing Lives Through Financial Education

Updated: Aug 10, 2023

When it comes to financial security and planning for the future, Primerica stands out as a company like no other. Founded on the principle of prioritizing clients, Primerica has revolutionized the insurance industry by providing comprehensive financial solutions that empower individuals to take control of their lives.

At the heart of Primerica's mission is the commitment to educate and guide clients towards a debt-free and financially secure future. Through a thorough needs analysis, Primerica's dedicated agents like Carla, Tiffany, and Carolynn assess each client's unique situation to determine their actual life insurance needs. Unlike other companies, Primerica exclusively offers Term Insurance, which allows clients to obtain three to four times the coverage amount for an affordable premium.

Carla Timperley, Regional Vice President

Carla explains, “It really hit home for me early on, when I delivered a very substantial cheque to a wife when she lost her husband. I was so grateful to have been able to educate them because they originally had a Whole Life Policy and because they changed to Primerica, received more than five times the amount for the same monthly payment. It literally changed her life.” Carla continues, “We are not just about life insurance.” The principle of "buy term and invest the difference" ensures not only protection for loved ones but also the opportunity to build a substantial nest egg for the future.

Debt consolidation is another vital aspect of Primerica's offerings. By employing innovative debt stacking techniques, clients can potentially pay off their debts sometimes five to fifteen years earlier, providing them with financial freedom sooner than anticipated.

Primerica's commitment extends beyond insurance, encompassing crucial legal, health, and financial services. Prepaid legal services, including wills and powers of attorney, are offered in collaboration with Mills and Mills in London, ensuring that clients' legal affairs are in order. Home and auto insurance, health and dental coverage through the Edge Benefit Program, and even guaranteed death coverage for the uninsurable underline Primerica's comprehensive approach to safeguarding families.

Ultimately, Primerica's impact is not limited to individual clients. Through its recruitment model, agents can bring others into the fold, creating additional income streams and expanding the reach of the company's life-changing services.

Carolynn Thompson, District Leader

Carolynn explains her story, “I was working full-time and just barely making ends meet. I’d see Carla come into my workplace many times and always thought to myself how happy she always looked, which made me question, what does she do? She must have the best job ever. One day she asked me to meet her for coffee. We talked about my Whole Life Policy and I was very surprised to learn how much more coverage I could get for the same monthly payment with Primerica’s Term Insurance. I thought about what a difference that would make to my daughter if something were to happen. I got my Life Insurance License and Mutual Fund License and now I help my friends and family and their friends and families get insured. I hope to do more business by sharing my story with more people in Lambton County because I know how much Primerica has done for me and in my own life. I wouldn’t be where I am today without Carla and Tiffany and the confidence I gained through the education I have learned through this experience.”

The impact of Primerica's services on individuals' lives is profound.

Tiffany Branton, Division Leader

Tiffany explains, “I was newly married and an immigrant when I first started. I wanted to be the parent that was always available. With Primerica, I knew that I could get started on a career very quickly, and I would have the flexibility to be able to spend time with my family and kids. It was the right answer at the right time. Whenever my kids' school needed a parent, I was able to be there.”

In a world where financial security is paramount, Primerica's unwavering focus on clients, comprehensive services, and commitment to education sets it apart. “I coach, train, and license new representatives in the London Region, which includes Sarnia-Lambton. Through the hybrid option, the first weekend is online studies, then self-study through the week, and the next weekend there's a review session and then they write their certification exams. Once passed, they take the provincial exams and then apply for their license. It takes just over 2 months and the cost is $103.95 and $92 to the Minister of Finance. For mutual funds, we partner with an outside organization, and they provide online training,” explains Tiffany.

Carla's heartfelt account of delivering a substantial life insurance payout to a grieving widow speaks volumes about the transformative power of Primerica's financial solutions. Tiffany's dedication to balancing career and family life through Primerica showcases the flexibility and empowerment the company provides. Carolynn's journey from financial struggle to becoming a successful Primerica agent exemplifies the life-changing potential of the opportunity.

Moreover, they each find time to support local charitable organizations. Carla volunteers weekly at The Inn of Good Shepherd, Tiffany at Pathways, and Carolynn at Sarnia Family Counseling Center, reflecting their dedication to giving back to the community.

By empowering individuals to secure their futures and make informed financial decisions, Primerica is rewriting the script on traditional insurance companies and transforming lives in the process.

Carla Timperley, Regional Vice President

Mobile - 519-466-2592

Tiffany Branton, Division Leader


Carolynn Thompson, District Leader

Mobile - 226-886-0934

Local Office


722 Lite St. (lower level) Point Edward, ON N7V 1A5

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