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Praill's Helps Prepare Your Outdoor Space for Winter, Ensuring Healthier, Vibrant Yards Next Spring!

Checking off fall yard work tasks is crucial to prepare your outdoor space for winter, ensuring a healthier, more vibrant yard next spring.

Praill's Greenhouse - Fall to Do List

  • Don’t forget to pick up your fall mum and decorate for fall

  • Plant new trees and shrubs, to give them at least six weeks before frost.

  • Add compost or manure to garden beds.

  • Put down grass seed before the ground is frozen

  • Mulch garden beds.

  • Fertilize your lawn.

  • Cover water features with netting to collect falling leaves.

  • Check houseplants for pests, then start to move indoors.

  • Clean bird feeders, gardening tools.

  • Continue watering trees and shrubs until the ground freezes.

  • Bring in any clay pots.

  • Pull weeds before they go to seed to reduce the number of weeds next year.

  • Cut diseased areas out of perennials. Do not compost.

  • Rake and compost any fallen leaves.

  • Clean up garden debris. Remove all vegetable plants and fallen fruit.

  • Remove dead annuals from the garden, after a frost.

  • Cut back perennial foliage to discourage overwintering pests. Leave flowers with seeds for the birds.

  • Turn off outside water connections. Drain garden hoses.

  • Clean fallen leaves in downspouts and gutters.

Fall is the best time to put down grass seed and fertilize your lawn.

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