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Sometimes You Need A Little Help Downsizing!

Updated: Jun 8, 2023

Did you know in Sarnia/Lambton we have our very own Professional Organizer who can work right along with you to go through the years of ‘STUFF’ you have accumulated in your basement, garage, shed and every other cupboard in your home!

I am working with a client right now who owns a beautiful large home. Her husband is no longer with her and her girls are grown and have moved away. Selling her home and downsizing is a tremendous endeavour and is very hard to do alone.

Lindsay VanReene

Lindsay VanReenen has a local business called Simply Clear Organizing. She helps people out when they just can’t do it alone. For my client, Lindsay is a blessing. They schedule a day or two each week for her to come over and they work away at finding “a place” for everything she has. You of course make piles for the things you want to keep and take with you to your new home. You make piles for the things you want to give away to your family and friends. There is also a pile for things you may need to store. The hardest piles to make are the ones to sell, the ones to donate and the ones to dispose of. That’s where Lindsay comes in. She can help you make those very hard decisions. My client told me that Lindsay and her husband also help with boxing, putting items up for sale for her and carting away what needs to be disposed of or taken to be donated. It is all such a huge undertaking and a little help can go a long way. With every room that is cleaned out, my client feels better and better knowing that everything is going to its rightful place.

It is important that when you are selling your home that it appeals to potential buyers. You need to declutter, organize and clean out closets. Depersonalizing your home makes it easier for the new buyer to imagine themselves living there. First impressions are everything. Be sure to make necessary repairs, remove distracting décor, neutralize any odours, deep clean carpets, minimize and clean pet areas and brighten up your home by opening up the window coverings and making sure all lighting is in good working order.

For a free consultation, contact Lindsay VanReenen, Professional Organizer at Simply Clear Organizing at 519-541-9502, email her at and for more information her business is on

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