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New Physician Recruited To Beautiful Arkona Known For Its Waterfalls, Trails, Orchards & Golf

Updated: Jul 10, 2023

Welcome Dr. Farahnaz Farzadfar to the Arkona Medical Clinic in Lambton Shores

Welcome to Arkona, the small but vibrant community known for its stunning fruit orchards and rich history. Nestled in the beautiful County of Lambton, this charming town offers a plethora of attractions and amenities to visitors but also makes it an ideal place to live, especially for those awaiting the arrival of a new doctor, Dr. Farahnaz Farzadfar to the Arkona Medical Clinic in Lambton Shores. (scroll down to announcement).

One of Arkona's most notable features is its breathtaking fruit orchards. In the month of May, visitors are treated to a magnificent display of blossoms adorning the fruit trees, creating a picturesque scene that captivates the senses. These beautiful orchards have earned Arkona the moniker "The Little Apple," a testament to the abundance of over 120,000 fruit trees in the area.

Beyond the fruit orchards, Arkona boasts the magnificent Rock Glen Conservation Area, a haven for nature enthusiasts. Here, residents and visitors can enjoy the tranquillity of hiking trails, embark on explorations, and indulge in camping adventures. Additionally, the Arkona Fairways Golf Club, renowned as one of the finest in Lambton Shores, offers a superb golfing experience against the backdrop of Arkona's natural beauty.

Despite its small size, Arkona has witnessed remarkable development over the past two years. The community continually enhances its offerings, catering not only to tourists but also to its residents. Be sure to check out community news and events on the Village of Arkona website to discover the various services available in Arkona.

Arkona takes great pride in its rich heritage, which is evident when exploring the town's history. You can delve into their heritage by visiting the Village of Arkona website as well. As a pioneer community, Arkona has consistently led the way in various areas. Notably, it was one of the first rural Lambton villages to establish its own Medical and Dental Centers, thanks to the initiative of the Arkona Lions Club.

With the imminent arrival of Dr. Farahnaz Farzadfar, Arkona further solidifies its commitment to providing excellent healthcare services to its residents. This development ensures that individuals and families will have access to quality medical care within the comfort of their own community, fostering a sense of security and well-being.

Arkona is a hidden gem with a wealth of attractions and amenities. From the enchanting fruit orchards and the serene Rock Glen Conservation Area to the top-notch golfing experience at Arkona Fairways Golf Club, this community offers a delightful living environment. With its rich history and dedication to progress, Arkona continues to evolve and thrive, ensuring a bright future for its residents.

Art Photography Credit - George Rosema on Facebook

News Release - As of July 10, 2023


It is with great pleasure that Blue Coast Primary Care – Recruitment & Retention wishes to announce the recruitment of Dr. Farahnaz Farzadfar to the Arkona Medical Clinic in Lambton Shores.

Dr. Farzadfar had been practicing just outside of Lambton Shores for 5 years and had considered practicing in Lambton Shore for some time. It wasn’t until she connected with Recruitment Coordinator Carly Cox from Blue Coast Primary Care, that they were able to work together to find a desirable opportunity for Farzadfar.

The Arkona Lions Club had an important role in the recruitment of Dr. Farzadfar as well. “Community support is an incredibly important piece to the recruitment and retention of a physician and the Arkona Lions Club are exemplary examples of that!” said Recruiter; Carly Cox. The Arkona Medical Clinic is owned by the local Lions Club. Dr. Farzadfar has also hired back the clinic’s long-time office manager; Joanne Shepherd.

Dr. Farzafar will begin practicing in mid-September and will be accepting new patients as of July 17th. Those who wish to become a patient should contact the Arkona Medical Clinic at 519-828-3821 starting July 17th or email Patients can also email to receive a patient information form.

“We are so pleased to welcome Dr. Farzadfar to Arkona! She will be an incredible asset to the community and has already won the hearts of some Lambton Shores locals!” says Cox.

Dr. Farzafar marks the 44th family physician recruited by Blue Coast Primary Care – Recruitment & Retention to Lambton County. The municipality of Lambton Shores is a funding partner to Blue Coast Primary Care – Recruitment & Retention.

If you are a medical student, resident or physician interested in learning more about practice opportunities in Sarnia Lambton, please visit our website at or email Carly Cox, Recruitment Coordinator at


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