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Moving with Care: Carla and Brad's Guide to Safeguarding Your Treasures For A Seamless Move

As REALTORS® in the picturesque lakeside community of Sarnia Lambton, Brad and I understand the importance of ensuring your cherished belongings arrive safely during a move.
When transitioning to a new home, safeguarding delicate items like artwork, mirrors, and pictures is paramount. These packing tips are tailored to protect your valuables throughout the unpredictable moving process.

Packing artwork, mirrors, and large pictures demands specialized materials and techniques due to their size, delicate surfaces, and intricate frames. Beyond practical concerns, these items often hold immense sentimental or financial value, necessitating extra care.

Using appropriate packing supplies such as bubble wrap,
packing tape, cardboard boxes,
and protective corners is essential. Mirror boxes, flat moving boxes,
and wooden crates
may be required depending on the item's size and fragility.

Before packing, ensure a clean, flat surface to work on. Organize items by size and match each piece with a suitable box. Apply masking tape over glass surfaces and wrap items with multiple layers of protection, including packing paper, bubble wrap, and plastic wrap.

Securely tape down all edges
and corners and fill
any empty spaces within the box
with padding
to minimize movement
during transit.
Label boxes as "fragile"
and list their contents for
easy identification.

When loading items onto the moving truck, position them vertically
against a flat surface to absorb pressure and minimize the risk of damage.
Hiring professional movers specializing in transporting artwork may provide additional peace of mind.

By taking these precautions, you can ensure your treasured artwork, mirrors, and pictures arrive at your new home intact, allowing you to embark on your new journey worry-free.

I’m Carla and this is Brad and we're on a quest to learn everything there is to know about Living In Lambton so we can SHARE it with YOU!! 

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Brad Drury REALTOR®
RE/MAX sarnia realty inc. Brokerage

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