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Meet Jack!

Tricks For Treats!

Jack is hanging with his Jack-o-lantern friends but would be so happy to have a family of his own this Halloween! This 8-week-old cutie paw-tootie would make the purrfect addition to any home – he’s fun, feisty and furry and friendly!

Come meet me today!

Audi's Purrfect Proposition! Hey there, cat lovers and jackpot chasers! It's me, Audi - a dapper 6-year-old grey and white feline with a sleek design and a heart revving to find a forever home. Yes, you heard right, I'm on the lookout for a forever family. You might think I nap all day, but I’ve got a wild side! I mean, have you ever seen a cat chase a laser pointer? *That’s my Formula 1 race!* Back to business - our October 50/50 jackpot is zooming past $2,500 and it's not hitting the brakes! Recall that glorious $3,895 from September? Let's shift gears and make this month's jackpot purr even louder! Steer your way to some tickets: 3 for $10, go full throttle with 50 for $20, or be the ultimate high roller with 300 for $40. Missed the $1,000 Early Bird draw? Don't fret! The main event is still roaring ahead. Accelerate over to . Every ticket you purchase is a step closer to a grand shelter for us and a loving home for whiskered wonders like me. Loud purrs, furry cuddles, and speedy chases,

Audi, your Fast & Furr-ious Feline!

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