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Local Musician Sue Webber, Sharing About Her Life On The Road With Music

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Meet Sue Webber:

Sue Webber has made a career out of music. Locally and on the road, Sue has many stories to share about her life on the road with music.

She shares stories of her now passed husband, George Webber. How they met and the many adventures they shared throughout their lives together.

Sue also shares her thoughts on how we should be treating each other and how life has treated her since the pandemic.

She also talks about the once upon a time union for musicians, and how musicians are often undervalued and underpaid.

Lots of laughter and life moments shared in this fun and memory lane interview.

Enjoy the interview!

Duc d'Orleans II -

August 19, 2023

Catch Sue Webber performing with The Rhythm Junkies, a recently formed all female band with Sue Webber, Donna Wade, Sheila Brown and Susan Macintyre.

Duc d'Orleans II Live Concert Schedule on their Website

The Rhythm Junkies on Facebook

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