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Fun Filled Charity Ladies Night Event in Petrolia - Fri. Sept. 29th Tkts $25 Shop Like Charlotte!!

Gather your girl friends together and head out to Petrolia for a fun filled night of shopping, surprises, prizes, street entertainment, drinks and laughs!

The cost is a mere $25 which goes directly to the Charlotte Eleanor Englehart Hospital of Bluewater Health! With an added bonus of supporting local community businesses!

There are approx 30 merchants participating!

"It's a fast and furious, fun-filled night," says Lindsay from Gray's Floral Market.

"A favorite part of the event is that ladies are able to shop Petrolia stores after hours, and some stores offer exciting draws and giveaways," says Denise Thibeault, event organizer. "Some stores have fun things for shoppers to enjoy, such as spin the wheel to win, and there's entertainment on the streets. Shoppers can take shuttles that are provided from MacFarlanes to get from one end of town to the other," says Denise!

You'll arrive at the Farmer's Market on Fletcher St. Petrolia, get your map and wrist band and you're off to Shop Like Charlotte! It's so much fun!

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