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Updated: Feb 21

I love the Blue Water Bridges! Whether you take a drive and park, or go for a nice walk or bike ride along the shore, it just feels good taking in that fresh air off the lake! We live in Point Edward and have for almost 24 years now. My daughter is a true Point Edwardian. My husband was born in PEI and myself, Sarnia born and raised. But one thing we have in common is our love for the area, and that it is FREE for everyone to enjoy! That really is the feeling you get – freedom! Sometimes we go for a walk really early in the morning with our dog Baylee. The air is crisp and everything is quiet. Often on the weekends, we go for a walk and run into someone we know and have a little visit. Luckily, Baylee loves other dogs because it is hard to go a few feet without meeting a dog and their owner. Lots of GoldenDoodles right now! As well as many other different mixes of dogs. Baylee is partial to blondes, lol. My mom got a Mini GoldenDoodle fall of 2020. Weezee is often with us because she is always in need of a little exercise.

Under The Bridges

I was surprised to learn that not everyone knows about the paved Waterfront Trail that runs along the north of Point Edward from the bridges to Canatara Park. You can park at either end and go for such a nice walk! I thought everyone knew about it!

Point Edward Waterfront Trail – Great for Walking and Biking

You can start at either the beach parking lot or the lot at the animal farm and walk right down the paved path alongside the Sarnia Yacht Club that leads to the bridges where you can grab some fries at Albert’s or one of the other chip trucks. From there you can venture past the casino & stop in for a meal or a drink at Match Eatery. Or hit Purdy’s Dockside Eatery for some fresh fish and chips.

The Rotary Flag Plaza Under The Bluewater Bridges

Visiting My Dad Peter Schmidt

If you’re feeling real adventurous, take a leisurely walk down Venetian Blvd. and in minutes you’re at Centennial Park where there is often something going on or lots of ‘people watching’ at the very least. Great restaurants to try are Paddy Flaherty’s, a restaurant and brewery called Big Family Brewing Company, and Dockside – all very nice places to eat and drink – all with a great view of the Sarnia Bay!

Sarnia Bay – Love The View

On the way back you may be thinking you would like something sweet. People come from far and wide to grab fresh cut fries and an ice cream while enjoying the fresh lake air and watching all the boats and ships go by! Visit Suzie’s Ice Cream or Ice Cream Galore for a fantastic afternoon snack or after dinner dessert. Check out the restaurants and shops along the main street in Point Edward – Salvatore’s and Los Puntos Cantina to eat, and to shop, Kind Décor, Buttons & Bows, Great Lakes Bicycle Company, Sharkskin, Twin Bridge Lighting, Gemini Bouquets & Cafe, The Cheese Wedge, Bean Stock and Ruckess.

There’s so much to do and see, and best of all lots of friendly faces!

If you’re taking it to go, don’t think about leaving The Point without a visit to Sarnia Produce for everything fresh, Davy Jones for their BBQ ready meats, Cassie’s Cottage for some treats and Point Brewery or Stevie D’s for a tall, cold one. Still hungry, try Red & Ko, Sitara and Marcin Bowl!

Get acquainted with our local businesses and enjoy a beautiful leisurely day at the water’s edge.

You should give it a try!

The Souls Memorial Under The Bluewater Bridges

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