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What A Difference Cleaning The Exterior of Your House Can Make!

Updated: Apr 28, 2023

Jahn at Alvin Cleaning & Painting will help ‘Make Your House Shine’!

One of the first things that potential buyers look at when they are purchasing a new home is how you have cared for the home you live in. When they pull into the driveway what do they see? Not only is regular maintenance important, you want your home to SHINE!

I worked with a client who had Jahn Budziewicz from Alvin’s come and do just that. She wasn’t listing her home for sale until Spring time but we wanted to get some beautiful fall pictures of her property before the snow arrived. We had it all set up for Brenden from Bee Yourself Media to come and take the photos and then a big storm hit. There was debris everywhere. My client called Alvin’s and Jahn was able to be very accommodating. He hand scrubbed and power washed the whole house and he did a fabulous job!

It is just good advice. It is very important that what a potential buyer sees is well maintained and clean. Then they know that you have taken care of the big stuff as well. Check around the exterior of your home. Walk in the buyer’s shoes and see what they see. Is the siding in good repair and clean? Repair and freshly stain wooden fences and decks. Remove clutter and debris. Clean interior and exterior windows. Add a fresh coat of paint to the front door. Add some décor like a seasonal wreath.

It all enhances the aesthetic appeal and can go a long way in making a positive first impression.

Alvin Cleaning & Painting does exterior house cleaning, eavestrough clean out and screening, deck/fence cleaning and staining and interior and exterior painting. My client told me that Jahn is very nice, very prompt and a hard worker! Alvin’s is a family business that is fully insured and they belong to the Sarnia Chamber of Commerce.

You can reach Jahn at 519-332-5846 or visit his website at

If you don’t have a REALTOR, reach out to our REALTORS at Living In Lambton to help YOU make your home SHINE! Preparing your home for sale can pay off in spades!

Call or text - 519-464-3230

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