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Dr. Alade Marks The Third New Family Physician In Lambton In The Past 2 Months!

The Vital Role of Family Physicians in Sarnia-Lambton Community Health

In the heart of Sarnia-Lambton, a thriving community depends on the unwavering dedication of its family physicians. These healthcare professionals play a pivotal role in promoting the well-being of our families, neighbours, and friends. Their presence ensures accessible and comprehensive medical care that transcends individual health to uplift the entire community.

Family physicians serve as the first point of contact for various health concerns, offering personalized care and establishing enduring doctor-patient relationships. Their deep understanding of local dynamics enables them to address not only medical issues but also social and environmental factors influencing health.

The shortage of family physicians can lead to longer wait times, overburdened hospitals, and fragmented care. A robust presence of these practitioners enhances preventive care, early intervention, and disease management, ultimately reducing healthcare costs and hospital admissions.

Additionally, family physicians contribute to community health initiatives, education, and awareness programs, fostering a culture of wellness. Their consistent presence results in healthier individuals, stronger families, and a more resilient Sarnia-Lambton.

In the journey toward a healthier and happier community, the significance of having an adequate number of family physicians cannot be overstated. By advocating for their presence, we invest in the well-being of Sarnia-Lambton, ensuring a brighter and healthier future for all.

Welcome Dr. Alade!

News Release:




Blue Coast Primary Care – Recruitment & Retention has had a very successful 60 days having recruited 3 new family physicians to Lambton County. Blue Coast’s Recruitment Coordinator: Carly Cox, wishes to announce the recruitment of Dr. Adedotun Alade to Sarnia.

Dr. Alade graduated from the University of Ibadan, Nigeria, and had the chance to do an internship at the esteemed University College Hospital (UCH) in Ibadan. His passion for general practice led him to pursue a family medicine residency in the United Kingdom, where he underwent a three-year training program.

“Upon completing my training, I explored various opportunities in Ontario, and it was the Sarnia team that truly stood out to me. I chose Sarnia because it is an excellent place to raise a family, offering a warm community and outstanding amenities. I am thrilled to practice medicine here and excited to contribute my skills to the well-being of families in this wonderful city.” Said Dr. Alade

He will begin accepting patients on Friday August 4th and can be contacted at

(519) 336-6019. The clinic will be located at 494 Christina St. in Sarnia.

Sarnia Medical Group Website

Dr. Alade marks the 46th family physician brought to Sarnia Lambton by Blue Coast Primary Care – Recruitment & Retention. Sarnia Lambton has an estimated 15,000 residents without a family physician and the past 3 family physicians recruited have all started up new practices, which will result in around 6,000 patients being able to get a family physician.

Blue Coast’s success is in part, attributed to its recent approach to International Recruitment; now that some licensing barriers have been removed. The Ontario licensing body: the College of Physicians and Surgeons of Ontario, has streamlined its registration policies to improve access for qualified, internationally-education physicians. They have implemented new licensing pathways for internationally trained physicians to assist in the recruitment of primary care physicians, while ensuring the standards of Ontario based care are still met.

“I have been educating the Blue Coast board and our funders on the importance of international recruitment. We have many Canadian born medical students and residents training abroad and we are missing an opportunity if we don’t connect with them; in an effort, to bring them back home!” said Cox.

Blue Coast recruiter will be attending two international recruitment events this October: one in Glasgow, Scotland and a Repatriation event in Dublin, Ireland.

If you are a medical student, resident or physician interested in learning more about practice opportunities in Sarnia Lambton, please visit our website at or email Carly Cox, Recruitment Coordinator at


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