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Blue Coast Primary Care – Recruitment & Retention Has Successfully Recruited Another New Family Physician To Sarnia

Welcoming a new physician to the Sarnia-Lambton community signifies a vital addition to our healthcare landscape. With each new addition, residents gain access to vital healthcare services, promoting better health outcomes and quality of life. It fosters a sense of security, knowing that expert medical care is readily available, strengthening the community's foundation of health and vitality. As a community, we embrace this new chapter with open arms, recognizing the invaluable contributions these dedicated professionals bring to our collective well-being. Welcome, esteemed physician, Dr. Emiloju Edalere-Lukula to our community – your commitment to healing is truly appreciated.

Blue Coast’s Recruitment Coordinator: Carly Cox, wishes to announce the recruitment of Dr. Emiloju Edalere-Lukula.


Blue Coast Primary Care – Recruitment & Retention has successfully recruited another new family physician to Sarnia, marking the 4th recruit to Lambton County in 7 months.

Blue Coast’s Recruitment Coordinator, Carly Cox, wishes to announce the recruitment of Dr. Emiloju Edalere-Lukula.

Sarnia Lambton residents interested in becoming a patient of Dr. Edalere-Lukula’s should visit or the office at 494 Christina St.

Dr. Edalere-Lukula marks the 47th family physician brought to Sarnia Lambton by Blue Coast Primary Care – Recruitment & Retention. "Sarnia Lambton has an estimated 13,000 residents without a family physician, which has decreased slightly with the successful recruitment of primary care physicians in recent years," says Cox.

Blue Coast attributes their success to “a new focus on international recruitment and continuing to nurture our homegrown medical student relationships”.

Blue Coast is currently funded by the City of Sarnia, Village of Point Edward, Lambton Shores, Enniskillen, and the Township of Warwick. These communities understand the importance of physician recruitment and are seeing the positive impacts of their investment.

Physician recruitment plays a crucial role in strengthening any economy by fostering communities’ health and vitality. Physicians are not only essential for providing quality healthcare services but also contribute significantly to the local economy. By attracting and retaining talented new physicians to Sarnia Lambton, Blue Coast’s efforts are ensuring access to comprehensive medical care, which improves overall population health and productivity.

Additionally, a robust healthcare system supported by skilled physicians attracts businesses and residents, enhancing the attractiveness of the region for investment and development.

Physicians create employment opportunities, both directly within healthcare facilities and indirectly through the demand for supporting services and industries. Cox said that “investing in physician recruitment is essential for sustaining a thriving economy and ensuring the well-being of our communities. I am very grateful our funders see the value in my work and are experiencing a positive return on their investment!”

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