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Beyond Aesthetics: What Your REALTOR® Notices That You Might Miss When Home Hunting

When touring a potential new home, it's easy to be dazzled by the decor and overlook critical details. That's where a seasoned REALTOR® becomes your essential guide, spotting elements that might escape your notice.


I’m Carla and I'm on a quest to learn everything there is to know about

Living In Lambton so I can SHARE it with YOU!! 

Because there is nothing more important in real estate than getting all the information you need... to buy and sell a home!


I read a recent 'Living Room Blog' on that I would like to share!

Here's my takeaway!

What your REALTOR® is vigilant about:

1. Sensory Signals:

  • Trained to use all senses, REALTORS® detect unusual smells, sounds, and sensations. From musty basements to potential humidity issues, their keen senses go beyond what meets the eye.

2. Structural Red Flags:

  • Multiple cracks, fresh paint, or uneven floors are red flags your REALTOR® notes. They assess workmanship, pointing out potential water damage or poorly done renovations that could lead to future headaches.

3. Renovation Quality:

  • Shiny new features may impress, but your REALTOR® delves deeper, evaluating the quality of renovations. From roofs to interiors, they gauge workmanship to ensure you're not in for surprise repair bills.

4. Layout Insights:

  • While open-concept dreams may dance in your head, REALTORS® consider load-bearing walls and structural elements. They guide you on the feasibility of your dream layout and potential challenges.

5. Strategic Views:

  • A room with a view is desirable, but your REALTOR® assesses beyond aesthetics. They evaluate neighboring properties, potential developments, and views that might impact your living experience.

6. Tree Troubles:

  • Blessings of shade can turn into curses if trees are diseased or too close. REALTORS® flag potential issues, from root concerns to impacts on pipes, ensuring you're aware of potential costly problems.

7. Trusted Guidance:

  • Serving as your trusted advisor, REALTORS® go beyond aesthetics. They help you envision living in a space, providing valuable insights to safeguard your investment, even if renovations are on the horizon.

In your home-buying journey, partnering with a trusted REALTOR® like myself offers more than just transactional support—it's a partnership focused on your future home's longevity and your peace of mind. I can be your expert eyes, ensuring you see beyond the surface and make informed decisions.


Here's the original story I'd like to share on

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