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Thinking About Downsizing or “Right-sizing”?

Updated: Apr 28, 2023

Consider Turnberry Lane – with beautiful bungalow style condominium units in the Residences of Sawmill Creek, Camlachie! It is important to start thinking about your future housing needs. Could you see yourself in a condo or apartment offering amenities, or perhaps a mobile/modular home where you can meet some new friends? Maybe you’d like a small house on a quiet street in the summer and vacation home through the winter. What could be essential in your home as you move forward?

Take the following into consideration:

[ ]

In your retirement, what will your monthly budget be for housing expenses?

[ ]

What are some of your must-haves as far as location, space, storage?

[ ]

Will you want to be close to family and friends?

[ ]

Will you want someplace quiet or would you like a social aspect?

[ ]

Will you want to be close to any specific services, facilities or public transit?

[ ]

Will you need specific accommodations for health or mobility needs?

[ ]

How much home or yard maintenance will you want to do?

[ ]

Is it important that you could just lock the door and leave for extended periods?

Whether you like to golf or play tennis, spend the day at a spa, enjoy a little fun at the casino, relax on the beach or whatever it is that you look forward to doing, put all of those “must-haves” in the plan for your future!

I did a walk through at the gated community on Turnberry Lane! It was a lovely drive to Camlachie with the leaves all anxiously sprouting into the beautiful colour of green that Spring brings. Don’t worry about any exterior maintenance, grass cutting or snow removal. Enjoy the security of a gated community. Golf all summer long and lock up and go through the winter!

Turnberry Lane condos are beautiful homes, perfect for empty-nesters.

If you don’t have a REALTOR, give us a call to find out if there are any condos available on Turnberry Lane! If so, I can arrange a showing at your convenience! If not, we can explore your options! Whether you are looking for a condominium in our beautiful lakeside community of Lambton or it’s the Camlachie/Lambton Shores Community that you desire, great opportunities come up every week!

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